About Gary Rowe

I’m an entrepreneur, angel investor, technologist, advisor to tech start-ups and former President of Burton Group. Burton Group was acquired by Gartner in December, 2009 for $56 million. I’ve spent 35+ years as an information technology executive. I’ve been the CEO of several start-ups, an angel investor with Tech Coast Angels, and on multiple board of directors. I’m currently providing consulting services to early stage companies and technology research/assessments for all sized companies.


3 comments on “About Gary Rowe

  1. Hello Gary, I have a question for you. Could you consider to be my partner in New Healthy Fast Food Restaurant Development Start-up with aim to franchise the system from the near star-up of operations? Proprietary and patent-able equipment and unique products line competing directly with Sub and Submarine and Frozen Foods franchises. If your answer is yes, please contact me directly on my email tjczarnowski@gmail.com
    Thank you for wonderful reading I had with your pages and until the next time , I hope.

  2. Mr. Rowe,

    Thank you for creating this informative blog. You have noted a number of actionable steps for securing early stage investment from angel investors.

    I have been building online communities for women since AOL charged by the hour. After leaving AOL, I founded two web companies, one acquired, the second still online with a Google PR 6. I have just graduated The Founder Institute in Los Angeles with a new company. A personal investment of $15K has seeded the venture so far. We are a Delaware C corp, have a very early prototype, and I am seeking advisors to help in building out the tech team.

    With your background in technology, I would love to connect with you via phone or for cofffee to discuss your take on finding either a tech co-founder, or a lead developer who will help build the platform in beta.

    Either way, I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to the coming entries. Thanks again for sharing your insights.

    Have a great weekend.

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